Ambulatory Rotations


1) Expect to be scheduled for at least 3 to 4 (per week) of your primary care clinics during your ambulatory block. The reason for this is that we need to make sure you hit your ACGME-required total of 130 clinics for the duration of your residency, and that so that the clinics can be adequately staffed.
2) Note that  three core graduation requirements that you must partake in at least once prior to graduation include 1) Neurology and/or Geriatrics clinics 2) Literature in Medicine 3) Longitudinal PSQI project 
3) You must complete one PBL per ambulatory block, which will be emailed to you prior to the start of your rotation (also available on this site). Please note this applies only to categorical residents; combined residents only need to do one per year (as they have half the number of clinics).
4) Just a reminder that conference responsibilities are also increased during your ambulatory rotation. Expect to be requested to run either Journal Club, Board Review or Pre-Clinic Conference (hardly ever more than one of these).
5) If there is a particular attending or clinic that you are keen to work with that you do not see listed below, feel free to email that attending to ask permission to participate in their clinic (or let me know and I can do this). We aim for flexibility with our scheduling and can generally accommodate outside requests as long as its approved by the attending beforehand.
6) There are certain clinics such as FPO and VA-Preop clinic that require resident staffing, so I may need to schedule you for these even if they are not on your list of top choices. However, you should not have to participate in these more than one day of each week.
7) Note that you are entitled to 4 “wellness” half-days (total) throughout the course of the academic year (to be utilized during your ambulatory blocks).
8) Please also note that requests are honored on a first come first serve basis and so it is best to provide me with your requests as soon as possible.
9) **If there are specific attendings you want to work with, please feel free to email them and ask to participate in their clinics.

Abbreivated List of Avialable Clinics
1) FPO GIM Clinic
2) Vascular Clinic (Focus on medical management of aortic disease, thrombotic disease, etc)
3) UMROI (Kernan) Rheum Clinic
4) Ophthalmology (ONLY at the Katzen Eye clinic at Mercy)
5) Oncology clinics (Cancer Center)
6) Renal (Early Renal Insufficiency, both UH and VA)
7) Hepatology (General)
8) Neurology (Neuromuscular, Movement Disorders, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, Headache)
9) Geriatrics (VA Dementia Clinic)
10) Women’s Health (VA)
11) VA Pre-operative clinic
12) Endocrine (At VA or Midtown)
14) Cardiology (transplant, pacemaker, EP, pulm hypertension, general, congenital, heart failure)
15) EJC (now moved to Midtown)
16) HCV clinic (at the VA only)
17) GI – (IBD, General)
18) UHC Rheumatology
19) FPO Pulm clinic (asthma, lung mass clinic (VA only), fellows clinic)

Awesome Primary Care Clinics in the Community (great feedback from residents previously!)
1) Cathy Clements (alum – only for those considering primary care)
2) Todd Burstyn (alum)
3) Bahador Momeni
4) Samuel Kumah
5) Seth Eaton (med-peds)
6) Shepards (Free Clinic)
7) St Clare Clinic (spanish speakers highly preferred)

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