Week in Review 7/21/17

Week in Review — 7/21/2017
Good afternoon Doctors,
Happy intern switch day! Can all of you believe you finished your first month of intern year!! Congratulations on a job well done!
Sick call chief this week: Becky Feldmeier 7/22/17-7/28/17

1.) University Announcements:
I. ****FOR ALL NIGHT FLOAT RESIDENTS: PLEASE remember that you MUST stay to present the patients on intern switch day, as well as when you yourself do the admission (unless you have called the attending and staffed the admission with them the night before). This is a program policy that all admission must be staffed with an attending by the person (intern OR resident) that did the admission.
II. Transportation post call: After a long night shift or 28hour call and you do not feel safe to drive home, PLEASE take a taxi or an uber and it will be reimbursed by the program. Bring the receipt to Debra Parks who will forward this to GME for reimbursement. The reimbursement will appear in your paycheck
IV. For all new admissions, please remember that if the patient is admitted prior to midnight, the patient needs a new progress note the next day. If the patient is admitted after midnight, please write a new progress note with any significant updates in the plan or patient’s hospital course on a SEPARATE note from the admission note. This does not need to be a formal daily progress note-it can just give the specific updates.
V. Looking for a job?? See below:
Dear Residents/Fellows,
There are a great number of job opportunities at the system hospitals found at http://search.ummsphysician.jobs/
Select the Opportunities tab -> Current Opportunities (from the drop down menu).
You can then view all job opportunities, many of which are physician jobs.

The Career Planning tab allows you to view the various resources available to you to assist you in your career planning – many of which are specific to residents/fellows.

We hope you will take advantage of these excellent resources.
Laura Pounds, Director – Graduate Medical Education

2.) PSQI Announcements from Dan:
Greetings residents! I hope everyone had a great week! Just a recap from the quality world at UMMC & the VA:

-This week, we had our M&M for July! Thank you to all that came out, and thank you all for your participation. Lots of important lessons learned from that case. Please remember to review your ‘Failure to Rescue’ Policy guidelines, and remember, it is ALWAYS OK TO CALL YOUR ATTENDING.
-We had our second session of Intro to QI this week. Thank you to all of the PGY-2s and 3s that came today. For the remaining PGY-2s and 3s that have not made it to a meeting, I will email you reminders with your scheduled lecture date as we approach that date.
-As a reminder to all upper level residents on any intern switch day: if you are the senior on NF and interns have to report to their new service in the morning, you are required to either staff admissions with attendings over the phone or you must stay to present the patients in the morning. We expect direct handoff of patients from providers that admitted patients to the new primary teams in the mornings.

-Please remember to use the standardized H&P for all admission on general medicine, Blue and Pink!
-I would like to remind everyone to use the Diabetes/Hypoglycemia Protocol Order Set in CPRS, as we move to disseminate this protocol to the psychiatric and surgical services. Our goal will be to eliminate the old ordering method for Insulin sliding scale.
-Senior residents, we expect that you will remind the inters about the H&P and Diabetes order set.
-If you have any problems with obtaining imaging studies in a timely manner, patient safety concerns, conflicts with staff, please write an incident report! The department of Patient Safety and Risk Management review all incident reports, and we need events in writing in order for investigations to move forward.
-As a reminder, if you are on call and a non-medical service requests a patient transfer to medicine, the service needs to call a MED CON. Should you find that a non-medical service attempts to transfer a patient without a med con, call your attending and speak directly with the bed coordinator.
-Rohini Dave from Pharmacy, and myself will be walking around to the team rooms next week to provide new instructions on how to order and dose Vancomycin! Yay! We are all finally going to learn how to dose Vanc!

As always, I wish everyone a great weekend. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. My door is always open here in the QSI office in 6C. Come hang out!

Daniel J. Escobar, MD
Chief Resident of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Department of Internal Medicine
Baltimore Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center/UMMC

3.) Shout Outs:

Shout out to Mike McCusker for his tireless work at the VA and taking great care of very sick patients on the Pink team!! Please top by the office to pick up your gift card!

4.) Article of the week:


Have a great weekend!
John, Becky, Praveen, Dan, and Sara

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