Week in Review 7/7/17

Week in Review — 7/7/2017
Good afternoon Doctors,
We hope everyone had a great week and that all of the 2nd years enjoyed their retreat yesterday (despite the rain)!

Sick call chief this week: Becky Feldmeier 7/8/17-7/14/17

University Announcements:

• ALL INTERNS: please stop by the chief’s office at some point throughout next week to pick up your DEA numbers. We have them all printed out, as well as your provider ID number which you can use as your medical license number for CRISP access if you do not already have it!
• For all of those needing VA VPN access please see the document attached to this email for a detailed list of steps!!
• See below for this interesting FREE continuing education on Opioid prescribing:

3.) PSQI Announcements from Dan:
Greetings residents! As has become customary, I have a few announcements from the QI World:

– For the senior residents, remember that all interservice transfers coming from outside of a medicine subspeciality (Surgery, trauma, psychiatry, etc.) need to be accepted either through the MED CON service or through the attending on the service. If you have any issues in which patients are being transferred to you without prior approval, please notify your chiefs, immediately notify your attending and speak with the bed coordinator about the situation.
– We had our first Intro to QI Session for the PGY-2s today! It went very well. If you are a PGY-2, remember to mark your calendars for your designated lecture day!

– In the coming weeks, you may start noticing a few changes in patient flow. The VA is hard at work on improving the flow center and patient movement through out the hospital. This will affect the ED, the general medicine floors and the ICUs, including patients being transferred out of the ICU to the floors. I will be providing all residents with details on these changes as they arise. Stay tuned!
– Feeling anxious about running a code at the VA? Not to worry! All residents that rotate at the VA will have mandatory code simulation sessions in the VA SIM Center! We had our first session this past week with the Green Team! Next week Purple team is up to bat!
– New policy for Direct Admissions:
In an effort to ensure that all staff is aware of scheduled admissions, the AODs (Staff from the medical admission service) will call the medical teams to alert them to the planned direct admissions for the day. This call will occur between 7 and 8am every day. The AODs will make 2 attempts to reach the on-call team, including the fellows for the ICU, with this information.

Have a great weekend!

Daniel J. Escobar, MD
Chief Resident of Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
Department of Internal Medicine
Baltimore Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center/UMMC

Shout Outs:
Shout out to Zach Strumpf for all of his extra hard work on Med ID! Please stop by the chief’s office to pick up your gift card!! 

Article of the week:



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