Week in review- May 12, 2017

Good evening Doctors,


To the mothers, happy early Mother’s day. We know it is not easy to raise a family with the demands of your careers. We applaud that you are the modern day super woman!


Sick call chief this week: Laura 5/12 – 5/18

  • University Announcements:
    • Our residency photo will be this coming Tuesday, May 16th at 8:00am. Please make sure to bring your white coats! Rounds will start after the photo at 9:00 this day.
    • Please see attached for the ACP coverage schedule. For those of you on elective or ambulatory, please check this schedule as you are likely being used. Please make sure you know who you are covering.
    • The rising PGY3 retreat will be on Thursday, June 15th. All current 3rd years, please plan to be available this day. In order to ensure that you were not on service your last block of residency, the current 2nd years are on service. This means we will need to use almost all of you to have adequate coverage. I appreciate your cooperation.
    • Starting this Wednesday May 17th, your chiefs will be giving Grand Rounds! Please come out and support Kate Donohue and Andrea Limpuangthip who will be giving Grand rounds on the 17th.
    • Please see attached for the Journal Club article that we will be discussing this upcoming week.
    • Morgan is looking for volunteers to participate in his study. He is part of a CDC project trying to investigate interventions for Ebola and similar organisms. You will be not be involved with Ebola, but working with them to develop a protocol to put on gowns and gloves. They are giving $25 gift cards for those who participate. Please reach out to him at dmorgan@som.umaryland.edu if you are interested.
    • Please keep in mind that you will not be paid for this year’s moonlighting after June 30th. Please make sure to turn in all reimbursement forms prior to this date.
    • We will continue to reach out to you for feedback with the change to our conference schedule. When calling consults in the morning, please give them a heads up about your conference from 12-1:30 and that if their rec’s are coming in during this time, to doc halo you rather than page.
    • To facilitate you focusing on conference, one of your chief residents will assist with responding to your pages. If you receive a page, please hand your pager to the chief resident in the back of the room, who will address your page for you.


  • VA Announcements:
    • A friendly reminder that ALL tunneled central line catheters should be removed by Interventional Radiology. A formal consult needs to be placed in CPRS.
    • Please check to see if your VA badge is expiring by July 2017. You know it will be a process to complete this after your badge has experienced. Please contact Mr. Sherman James at 410-605-7165 for assistance in scheduling an appointment to get a new badge.  You will also likely need to be re-fingerprinted.
    • Thank you to all of you for completing the admission check list. Recently, we have been at 100% completion of admission checklists!


  • Shout Outs:
    • Thank you Zil Patel for always being willing to step in and help out, not only on the wards, but also in clinic. Please stop by to get a gift card.


  • Article:  Have you ever realized that there is an intimacy that develops while studying for the boards? What do I mean? When you were reading a question, did a patient you cared for popped into your mind and you were able to understand the question because of what was done for that patient? Anna Reismen talks about her experience with studying for her recertification board exam. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp1700199.

RISE program: Available 24/7 for stressful clinically – related events. Pager #12602.

Employee Assistance Program: 410-328-5860 (anonymous)

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