Week in review- January 27, 2017

Good evening Doctors,

Another week comes to a close. We had some awesome senior talks this week and great lectures by prior residents on mechanical ventilation and osteoporosis. Seniors, it’s time to start making those plans for board studying. Stop by and talk to us anytime if you have questions.

Sick Call Chief:
Ruth 1/27- 1/31
Laura 2/1-2/9

University Announcements:
– Clarification of family medicine hospital admissions. They have one inpatient team which usually has 3-10 patients but does not have a cap. Overnight they are staffed by one intern and one senior (doing cross cover, family med L&D, and admissions). On weekend nights there may be only one senior and if several babies are born they are quite busy. I explained to the family med chiefs how busy you guys also are overnight with your cross cover, admissions, and med cons. Moral of the story is to WORK TOGETHER and COMMUNICATE!
– In general, they admit patients who are established with UMMC Family Med (have had one full visit, not just a sick visit). Sometimes a patient is listed as “family medicine” but they are actually a THC or CCC patient, not a University patient. They would then be admitted to medicine. To check, look under the notes tab- “UPI” is the location that signifies University Family Med, not “UUMC”.
– If you are not sure if a patient belongs to family med for admission purposes, please reach out to them directly rather than communicating through the ER resident. Their pager is 2375.
– Clarification of ENT hospital admissions: If you are told ENT is not admitting a patient because they are taking home call, please discuss directly with ENT. If the patient is coming in for solely an ENT issue, the patient should go to their service regardless of the time of day. You should contact your attending if you are having problems, then record the patient information and information about what happened and provide Ruth and I with these details.
– Please continue to tell me about every non-ICU code that you attend on the University side.
– Questions, concerns, problems with the new handoff system? Contact Christina directly!

VA Announcements:
– If you are having difficulty with getting PCP appointments made for discharge, please contact Scott Guthland, Chief Nurse for Medicine, on his cell phone at 410-627-1760.

Senior Corner:
– A reminder that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday NACR/SACR shifts start at 6pm

Shout Outs:
– Tapati Stalam- we heard that you did a wonderful job on a very busy lone intern weekend day. Please stop by for a gift card.
– Thank you to those residents who represented Internal Medicine for the student Specialty Speed Dating event.

Article of the week:
Curious what the optimal ratio of intensivists to patients is? You’re in luck. Gershengorn, et al just published in JAMA “Association of Intensive Care Unit Patient-to-Intensivist Ratios With Hospital Mortality”. Published online January 24, 2017.
… These authors found 7.5 patients per intensivist was the golden number for lowest in- hospital mortality averaged over several UK centers. But did the account for severity of illness and complexity of ICU? Academic v community hospital? Mean v Median? Read on for more…

Chief Contact info:
Ruth Adekunle p3379 c732-749-0069
Laura Ferguson p3369 c315-256-8803
Karan Kapoor p3396 c908-839-3636
Christina Koch p8740 c443-995-2068
Andrea Limpuangthip p4108947450 c202-321-8805

Internal medicine resident website: https://imres.medicine.umaryland.edu/
Username: imres, Password: Woodward

RISE program: Available 24/7 for stressful clinically – related events. Pager #12602.
Employee Assistance Program: 410-328-5860 (anonymous)



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