Week In Review- January 20, 2017

Good evening Doctors,


We know it has been a difficult week for several teams, not to mention we are in the depths of winter. It’s unfortunately normal for this to be a difficult time of year, particularly for the interns. I encourage you to reach out to your friends and colleagues (they are probably feeling similar things to you) and of course any of us. If you’re not feeling glum, that is wonderful- keep it up!


A quote by the late French philosopher Albert Camus “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”


Sick Call Chief:

Ruth    1/20-1/27




  • Thank you for all your participation in our conference this week on gender disparities in medicine. A reminder to everyone to be aware of what and how you speak (no need to apologize for something you’re about to say!), to ask for what you think you’re worth when negotiating contracts, and to surround yourself with mentors.
  • We’d like to highlight all of your non-clinical skills… in our first ever Internal Medicine TALENT SHOW! It will be held Friday, March 24th in the evening in the shock trauma auditorium. Anyone is welcome to participate! Start to prepare your wildest (or tamest) talents and get
  • ready to share!


University Announcements:

  • We are still accepting donations toward a gift card for Lynn -> talk to Kate Donohue, Erica Bates, or stop by the chiefs office with $$.
  • Please send Ruth or I a quick email after responding to university codes – we are tracking what you say goes well or poorly. Interns or seniors are welcome to let us know!!
  • Pick up a fingerprinting form at the IM Residency office (across from the chief’s office) and return it ASAP to Robyn Crandell. This MUST be done for every resident returning in July.
  • –     We are looking for a couple more members for the Doctor’s Dilemma UMMC team! We need some great representatives… see Karan’s email for more details,


VA Announcements:

  • Have you heard a rumor that patients cannot be intubated on the floor? This is NOT true. If you run into a problem getting a patient emergently intubated, please immediately contact your attending to escalate the situation and then talk to one of us about it.
  • The heat will be off on 3A tomorrow (Saturday) from 2pm and lasting 6-8 hours. Bring extra clothing, and your Dept of Medicine jackets if you have them from last year.


Shout Outs:

  • To the entire PCS team – we have heard you are doing an awesome job!!
  • –     Check out the med 2 team below…

Article of the week:

Bringing it back to primary care today… an nice review of obesity that should help you to provide medically accurate counseling in primary care clinic.

Heymsfield, Steven B et al. Mechanisms, Pathophysiology, and Management of Obesity. N Engl J Med. 2017;376:254-66.



Chief Contact info:

Ruth Adekunle                        p3379             c732-749-0069

Laura Ferguson                      p3369             c315-256-8803

Karan Kapoor                         p3396             c908-839-3636

Christina Koch                        p8740             c443-995-2068

Andrea Limpuangthip           p4108947450            c202-321-8805


Internal medicine resident website: https://imres.medicine.umaryland.edu/

Username: imres, Password: Woodward


RISE program: Available 24/7 for stressful clinically – related events. Pager #12602.

Employee Assistance Program: 410-328-5860 (anonymous)


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