Week in review- December 2, 2016

Good evening Doctors,

Hang in there- we are almost to block 7! Now that it’s December, here are a few holiday- inspired annual events around Baltimore:

– Miracle on 34th street: shockingly dense Christmas lights line the house (inside and out) on 34th street in Hampden. A one- time must- visit spectacle.

– Ice skating in the inner harbor at Pandora ice rink. Ten dollars to skate, four dollars to rent the blades. Runs through January 16th. Check online for times, but generally about noon to 10pm.
– Christmas village in the inner harbor: A German Christmas market (of sorts) with vendors, food, and mulled wine in previous years.

On-Call Chief:

Laura 12/2-12/5
Ruth 12/6-12/9


– Come together for a chill noon conference Thursday December 8th – we’ll be watching a medical show with lunch.

– The holiday party is approaching on December 17th! Hoping to see you there!

– As always, if you are struggling or someone on your team is struggling please consider us, your chiefs, as a resource.

Code teams:

– Do you find the code pagers helpful?

– Have you had good/ bad/ positive/ negative/ neutral code experiences lately? Please tell me about them.

– Have the fellows been showing up to codes? How is this working?

University Announcements:

– Senior talks continue next week with Amy Zhang and Phil Magidson!

– EKG’s ordered by a medical team for a patient physically located in the ER should be reviewed by you, the ordering team, rather than the ER physicians. The ER nurses should be paging you when the EKG is completed.

– Everyone on inpatient teams at University should be assigning themselves to the patient. Remember to forward your pager to the covering pager when you leave the hospital!!

VA Announcements:

– A reminder that sign- out on blue/pink is at 5:00pm.

Maryland ACP Chapter:

– Our local ACP chapter is hosting a pot luck dinner with a speaker about medical-legal issues including depositions. Tuesday, 12/6 at 6:30pm in the Alagia Auditorium at St. Agnes Hospital. RSVP to Maryellen Woodward mew4work@aol.com .

Shout Outs:

– In case we don’t say it enough, thank you to all of the interns and senior residents for your hard work and dedication day after day.



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