Week In Review 5.22.15

Good afternoon, everyone!

I hope this e-mail finds you all well and looking forward to the end of another week (and one week closer to the end of the academic year!).

Let’s launch right into it this week (happily, it is a short list this week):

  1. June Moonlighting: June moonlighting is available at: http://doodle.com/kupweaciqqvs4v36. As some of you may know we offer additional moonlighting for the last week of June (6/24-6/30) to provide additional support and back up for the new interns. These shifts are extremely easy and are a good way to earn some extra cash. Any resident and any intern (must be a prelim, anes, neuro or catergorical intern who is staying at the university of Maryland) can sign up for these shifts unless they cause you to violate duty hours. This can be found at : http://doodle.com/cqtdvwfk5f4zxuxz
  2. Coverage Schedule for Rising Senior Retreat: Current second years, your senior retreat is coming up! This is a great opportunity to not only hang out with your classmates, but to learn about the time lines and exciting opportunities for third year. For our current seniors, please see the attached senior retreat coverage schedule. As last year’s graduating seniors covered for you, we ask that you cover to allow all rising seniors are relieved from clinical responsibilities from 7AM to 5PM on June 11th in order to attend the retreat. Your former mentees, and we here in chief’s office, thank you!
  3. In the VA corner:
    1. Memorial Day: Remember that Monday is Memorial Day. Particularly if you are at the VA, make sure to wish our veterans a happy Memorial Day and thank them for their service.
    2. VA SMOKE FREE in MAY: Starting 5/1 the VAMCHS has become a smoke free campus. Similar to university all patients should be screened for nicotine replacement medications. Also no special privileges can be made for patients to leave the floor to go smoking. Attached you will find information regarding smoking areas and resources to aid patients in quitting. The only designated smoking area is outside under the walkway.
    3. New Telemetry Guidelines: New tele guidelines are rolling out at the VA next week. The use of telemetry monitoring on your patients will be addressed by case management at 48 hours after admission and every 24 hours after. Please see the attached document for further information about ordering telemetry monitoring on your patients.
  4. At the University:
    1. Failure to Rescue: As part of the “Failure to Rescue” initiative which we put into place earlier in the academic year, we distributed a list scenarios in which contact with the attending is expected. Due to recent issues, an addition has been made to the list (in bold below). The complete list for reasons to call an attending at any hour include:
      1. Decompensating patient/need to transfer to higher level of careii.Patient death (expected or not)
      2. Patient made DNR
      3. Patient wants to leave AMA
      4. Patient fall with injury or need for head CT
      5. Difficulties with patient ownership – eg: a service says they will take a patient and then back track on decision
      6. Disagreements with consulting services- eg: a consulting service feels a planned procedure is not warranted, or a consulting service refuses a consult
      7. Angry family members
      8. Any time you are uncomfortable with patient related decision making.
    2.  AMA Discharge: All discharges need discharge instructions including AMA discharges. When a patient leaves against medical advice you are responsible for creating the safest possible discharge (i.e. anti-hypertensive medications, Insulin, etc…) for them. When doing a discharge instruction overnight there is a spot in CERNER where you can designate the discharge summary provider as the primary Intern/Resident so that the summary is routed to the correct person in the event of an overnight AMA discharge. And remember: call your attending!
    3. EPIC Notes: Some of you may have seen this already but we are rolling EPIC progress notes out on the medicine teams in the next few weeks. Our goal is to have Med 1-4 (and med ID) doing all progress notes on EPIC by the time the new interns start. This will do a few things: Make us all EPIC all-stars for when the full roll out comes in November, Start an EPIC chart for patients who you may potentially see again once EPIC roles out fully, provide progress notes for the discharge clinic to see at their visit, and many more. Rising seniors you will hear more about this at your retreat as you will be the residents on the university ward services during this time period. For people who will participate in the June role out you will hear from Sunny or the new chiefs in the next week few weeks.
    4. Mini-fridges and Microwaves: It sounds like a rather catchy song title, doesn’t it? In the next few weeks, electricians will be evaluating the team rooms to see whether or not the electrical will support mini-fridges AND microwaves for every team room. Please allow them to assess what they need to!
  5. ACLS/BLS Renewal: For anyone who got their ACLS/BLS in June of 2013 (almost all pgy2s and pgy4s) your certifications are about to expire. The hospital provides free renewal to all residents but you need to plan ahead. Please refer to the websitefor more details. These dates go fast so if you have not signed up yet, do so NOW.
  6. Benefits: If you are planning to stay at the University of Maryland for another year, whether for fellowship, to attend or as a resident, you need to sign up for benefits!! Open enrollment will be extended to Friday, May 29th. See the e-mail from Laura Pounds for more information!
  7. Survey: The nephrology fellows have put together a simple 6 question yes or no survey to assess how to improve communication with the nephrology consult service. Please take a minute and fill out this survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CNPXC5P
  8. Sick Call Policy: We’ve been told by many of you that there have been some frustrations with sick call. We hear you. We want to let you know that our policy throughout the year has been that an absence of greater than two days warrants a doctor visit and an accompanying sick note. Additionally, any excessive absences result in individuals entering the sick-call bank. The sick call bank is the first place we pull from if we need coverage for retreats or conferences.
  9. Social Events:Your new chiefs have started a private Facebook provocatively named “Maryland Backwards” to advertise and share social events.To be part of this group you will need an invite so email or Facebook friend one of the rising chiefs in order to get in on the ground floor.
  10. Resident Accomplishments: If you have published anything or presented an abstract we want to know. Please make sure to send Debbie Trust this information in Pub Med format (and don’t forget to keep that CV up to date).

On behalf of Sunny, Rory, Mike and Peter, have a wonderful memorial day weekend!

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