Week in Review 5/1/15

Hi Residents,

First off I wanted to commend you all on your amazing professionalism during this difficult time in Baltimore.  Your dedication to your patients is truly admirable.  Along those lines you may have seen that the University of Maryland is currently matching donations to Maryland Unites in an effort to fund various non-profits in neighborhoods of Baltimore.  Check out this link below if you would like to donate to our wonderful city: http://igfn.us/vf/MDUnites/UMMCAndUMMCMidtown

  • Security Update:
    1. The city wide curfew remains in effect from 10PM to 5AM however this does not apply to Hospital employees traveling to and from work. Please make sure to have your hospital ID and the attached work letter with you.
    2. This weekend a large rally is planned in the city of Baltimore on Saturday starting at 2PM. We expect this to be a peaceful rally but it is best to be prepared.  In the event of an emergency the hospital may activate a lockdown and you may be required to stay overnight.  Make sure to plan ahead and bring an overnight bag with you.
    3. There will likely be many road closures so double or even triple your allotted travel time to work and strongly consider staying with colleagues nearby.
    4. Make sure to check your email frequently as things are fluid and can change at any time.
    5. Over the weekend use the medical center garage (adjacent to the Paca-Pratt building) for parking.
    6. Remember your resources
      1. Escort/Security: 410-328-8711
      2. Shuttle Services: 410-328-5473
      3. General Updates: http://umm.edu/staff
      4. Traffic Updates: https://md511.org/traffic.aspx
      5. Chiefs on Call – B3369 or B3379
  • Class Photo: This Tuesday we will be taking our annual class photo.  To accommodate we will be canceling morning report at the VA and University on Tuesday 5/12.  Please all head to the front of Davidge hall for the photo promptly at 8:15AM.
  • ACP Coverage Schedule: This year we have a record number of people accepted to present at ACP (44 residents!) as a result we will really need every ones help with coverage.  Make sure to look over the schedule carefully to see who you will be covering.  Unless otherwise specified residents will return from ACP by 1PM at the latest to take over.  If you are presenting at ACP you are responsible for contacting your covering resident/intern to give them sign out and to make sure they are aware.
  • At the VA
    1. VA SMOKE FREE in MAY: Starting TODAY the VAMCHS will be a smoke free campus. Similar to university all patients should be screened for nicotine replacement medications.  Also no special privileges can be made for patients to leave the floor to go smoking.  Attached you will find information regarding smoking areas and resources to aid patients in quitting.  The only designated smoking area is outside under the walkway.
    2. VA Imaging System: As you may know the VA has recently changed their imaging system. If you find that you are on service and do not have access to the VA system please email me your VA windows logon (i.e. vhabalsidhus) and we will turn on your access ASAP.  In addition if you need to know how to use the new PACS system, a tutorial is attached below.
  • At University
    1. Palliative Care Checkbox: As you may have noticed the medication/lab sheet from power chart now has a box that discusses comfort care/palliative care.  This was initially planned with the MICU in mind but can be used on the floor.  It is a way to easily identify patients who are comfort care/palliative care for coding purposes.  If you have a patient that is comfort care/palliative care you may use this checkbox or you may document this change in your progress notes/discharge summary.  This also excludes this patient from mortality and complication calculations for hospital outcomes.
  • Procedure Sim: On Friday May 8th many of our EMIM colleagues have volunteered their time to show us all how to
  • ACLS/BLS Renewal: For anyone who got their ACLS/BLS in June of 2013 (almost all pgy2s and pgy4s) your certifications are about to expire.  The hospital provides free renewal to all residents but you need to plan ahead.  Please refer to this post for more details.  As an FYI spots are going fast, only 8 classes remain before July.  These dates go fast so if you have not signed up yet, do so NOW.
  • Survey: The nephrology fellows have put together a simple 6 question yes or no survey to assess how to improve communication with the nephrology consult service.  Please take a minute and fill out this survey:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CNPXC5P
  • Diabetes Modules: For all PGY 2 residents please make sure to get your diabetes modules done ASAP. Having done this my PGY2 year I can say that these modules were intensely valuable.
  • Moonlighting: Many moonlighting spots remain for the month of May. Make sure to sign up on the doodle calendar.  http://doodle.com/sey3fen3ia2re5fk
  • Chief Office Cork Board: Are you moving? Have some furniture you’d like to sell or an apartment you’d like to advertise? There is a cork board in the chief’s office that would be a WONDERFUL place to post your items/ apartments. We’d also love pictures, poems, etc., anything you think best represents our program.
  • Social Events: Your new chiefs have started a private Facebook provocatively named “Maryland Backwards” to advertise and share social events.  To be part of this group you will need an invite so email or Facebook friend one of the rising chiefs in order to get in on the ground floor.
  • Resident Accomplishments: Congratulations to Dean. He just published a review article on CKD in the Journal of Clinical Hypertension. Check out the link for more.  Also if you have published anything or presented an abstract we want to know. Please make sure to send Debbie Trust this information in Pub Med format (and don’t forget to keep that CV up to date).
  • Article of the Week: For this week in review I would like to highlight two articles from the NEJM looking at two separate PCSK9 inhibitors: Alirocumab and Evolocumab. These two separate articles present two extension studies to earlier phase 2 clinic trials with these agents that demonstrated impressive LDL reductions.  Both studies looked at major adverse cardiovascular events as secondary outcomes and showed significant reductions at one year with both drugs.  Although these studies were not looking specifically at cardiovascular endpoints (primary endpoints were continued LDL reductions) the significant reduction is definitely encouraging given many negative studies with non-statin lipid lowering drugs.

Be Safe.  Sent on Behalf of Bethany, Rory, Mike and Peter

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