ACLS/BLS Renewal

All PGY 2 Residents (and anyone whose BLS/ACLS is about to expire shortly),

BLS and ACLS must be renewed every two years. For all PGY2s(and PGY4s), who are on the normal cycle (Last renewed in 2013), your BLS and ACLS are about to expire. Without this you will not be able to run codes both at University and the VA. The process to renew can take a while and there are limited spots available. Looking ahead there are less than 100 spots available from now until July, and that is for the entire hospital not just the medicine residents. In order to sign up follow the instructions below:


  1. BLS: You can sign up for BLS though healthstream by searching through the catalog for “BLS Renewal.” Make sure to sign up ASAP!!! This class is already filled through the end of April.


  1. ACLS online renewal course: In order to sign up for ACLS you must have a current BLS for at least 60 days past the day you register for ACLS. Once you have renewed your BLS you can then sign up by filling out the form attached below and registering for ACLS on the 2nd floor of Paca-Pratt(or in the satellite office in the Gudelsky building, across from the street security desk, from 7:30AM to 9AM and 11AM to 1PM M-F). In order to register you will also need to provide them with a check for $100 which will be refunded to you if you complete the online course within 45 days.


I recommend that everyone logs in to health stream to start this process today as classes will fill up quickly.




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